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September 30, 2005

Free Blogging Teleclass

Next Tuesday, October 4th, 11 am Pacific (Noon M, 1pm C, 2pm E) I will be interviewed on a free teleseminar hosted by Steven Van Yoder, author of Get Slightly Famous, on the - The Basics of Business Blogging (and why every business should have a blog)

Here are some of the things we will discuss on the call:
- An easy-to-grasp explanation of blogs and blogging
- The benefits of blogs over e-mail newsletters
- How to cost-effectively start and maintain your own blog
- How to brand your blog with great writing, audio, and video
- How to use your blog as a new income generator

Blogging has become an integral part of my marketing and is responsible for generating significant revenue, leads, PR, awards and even a book deal! Maybe it's time to learn how to harness this powerful tool.

Click Here To Register

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September 16, 2005

Small Business Guru Interviews Me On Blogging

Melody Campbell, The Small Business Guru, recently caught up with me and interviewed me for over an hour on the subject of blogs and blogging for small business.

You can get a copy of the audio interview by visiting her site.

By the way her blog is another shining example of a BlogLightning blog (means she purchased BlogLightning and built her blog in a flash.)

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September 14, 2005

Google Adds Blog Search

No surprise here - only wondering what took them so long.

The interface is typically Google and the results are a bit odd but hey, it's Google.

Google Blog Search

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September 13, 2005

Ezines, Email, Blogs or RSS

Using the word "mainstream" when it comes to blogs is now, so last year.

But, based on the frequent questions I receive from readers, effectively employing a blog as a marketing tool is still a bit of a mystery to most.

Many of my readers ask some variation of this question: "Should I be using a blog, an ezine, email or RSS?" And my answer: YES

Here's my take.

By itself, a blog is probably not enough (unless you are Tom Peters or the like.)

Small businesses should take the power of a blog and combine it with an email distribution list and a weekly or monthly ezine newsletter.

When you employ all three you get the biggest bang for your marketing effort.

A couple reasons why you still need to email delivery.

  • RSS is not yet the content delivery method of choice for the average person

  • Email content is pushed out to readers as a reminder that you are there - RSS doesn't allow this same control

  • Capturing email addresses allows you to market your readers over and over again

In many cases, someone will visit your blog or web site and like what they see but get pulled away by some other distraction, never to return to your blog again. If you capture that same person's email and permission to send further communication, you turn that visit into a lead.

Feeling stressed about publishing a blog and a newsletter?

If you are posting to your blog like you should (3-5/wk minimum) then you should have plenty of content to repurpose into a newsletter. Pull out your best posts and expand on them or do a round-up of your blog posts. You will find that your readers will gravitate towards their reading method of choice - RSS or email.

I love blogs, I love RSS delivery. But, don't short your marketing efforts. Make your message available in as many forms as possible - that's how you create marketing momentum.

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