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February 15, 2006

Convert RSS Feed for Mobile Readers


I'm not sure if mobilize is a word, but if not, it will become one soon. Not because I used it, because the mobile device is getting more powerful, more common and more useful as a business tool.

Blog readers are now subscribing to and reading blogs using mobile phones and PDAs. From what little research I have done there is an entire version of HTML just for mobile reading. While converting all of your web pages, blog posts and RSS feeds to mobile standards may well make sense, it looks like a pretty big undertaking.

A fairly new service called Winksite allows you to easily turn your current blog RSS feed into a version that can be consumed very nicely by mobile readers. Click on the winksite button in this feed and see an emulated view of how a mobile reader would see the Duct Tape Marketing blog feed.

Using this new technology certainly comes under the heading of coolness, but I think that it also supports one of my major marketing principles as well - deliver your marketing message in as many forms and formats as you can.

The service also allows you to create mobile content beyond your blog including journal entries, forum posts and lists of syndicated feeds.

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