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May 08, 2005

Make Auto Discovery One More Subscription Option

Sometimes visitors to your blog or web site want to find your RSS link so they can subscribe but get tired of looking around for it. (That's really another story though isn't it)

With just a bit of HTML trickery you can allow aggregators like Bloglines, FeedDemon and NewsGator to automatically find your RSS feed. All the user needs to do now is enter your site's URL and the feed will be added. Firefox has an autodiscovery feature that shows a little button in the browser bar when it discovers a feed. Again, all the user does is right click the icon and they subscribe using whatever RSS reader they already have configured.

Create the following HTML code and replace the feed title and url with your own and then paste this code in the <head> tag of your page.
<link rel='alternate' type='application/rss+xml' title='Your Feed Title' href='Yourfeedurl'>

Many blog services such as Typepad already do this for you but this can be particularly useful if you want to promote your feed on other pages of your web site.

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