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June 21, 2005

Blog Networks All The Rage

There is a recent post over at Blog Herald that features a list of blog networks including my very own at Duct Tape Marketing (technically I call mine a Blog Channel)

This type of collective blogging is on the rise and will eventually permeate many industries. The idea of up to 100 bloggers, all immersed in the content of a niche industry, is a pretty powerful notion.

Here's another thoughtful post about the idea of blog social networks and collaborative blogging

I also blog at the AllBusiness Blog Center

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June 01, 2005

Blog Channel multiplies the value

I've launched what I think is a fascinating experiment this week. I have convinced 8 other very talented bloggers and small business experts to blog on very specific topics related to marketing at one of my other blogs called Duct Tape Marketing.

I am calling the network of bloggers a Blog Channel. The idea is that the Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel is a place to go to get your marketing advice at very deep level, from a very specific expert. Then you can flip the channels to each of the channel partners and get a taste of everything you need to know about marketing in one spot.

Channel Partners and topics include:

  • Zane Safrit - Business Life
  • Georgia Patrick - Customers Count
  • Dan Janal - PR Leads
  • Troy White - Word Wealth
  • Martin Jelsema - Buzzworthy Branding
  • Jill Konrath - Selling To Big Companies
  • Don The Idea Guy - The Idea Department
  • Mark Beck - Internet Marketing Unleashed
  • John Jantsch - Duct Tape Marketing

You can even subscribe to the Channel Guide and get your RSS updates for all 9 blogs in one feed.

I do believe, humbly of course, that the Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel may become THE spot on the Internet for small business owners to surf.

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