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March 01, 2005

Domain Mapping With Typepad

Domain mapping is a powerful, yet still a bit unrealized, tool offered as part of the Typepad hosting service. The idea is that instead of using you can have your Typepad blog hosted on (or seemingly so) a domain name of your choosing - such as

Domain mapping is more than forwarding and better than forwarding and masking your domain as the permalinks and other various files and snippets you create as you blog are all created on your domain name. From Typepad's User Manual:

Domain Mapping is the process of pointing a registered domain name to a TypePad site, weblog or photo album.  Domain mapping is more than domain forwarding, because your permalinks and URL contain the address of your domain (, and not your TypePad sub-domain (

If you already have a domain name and have built a website around it you can map a subdomain like

One of the biggest marketing values of a blog is its ability to generate traffic. Using domain mapping allows you build or accelerate that traffic around a carefully chosen domain name.

Typepad's instruction are reall pretty good - See Setting Up Domain Mapping

The potential problem comes when working with your domain registrar to edit your DNS records. My experience is that most support folks at the registrars don't know what domain mapping is and don't know how to help you if you get stuck.

My registrar of choice is GoDaddy. They do allow for for the total DNS control that you need and are one of the more reasonable in terms of cost. If you use GoDaddy follow these instructions and be patient. Updates take at least 24 hours to show up.

1) Go to your account and log in to your chosen domain name.
2) Go to Total DNS - Click  Total DNS control and MX records - click Launch total DNS control manager
3) Under A Host at the top Hit Edit and make the settings look like this.

Host Points To TTL    
@ 3600

4) Now hit Save and close the window and open Launch total DNS control manager again (it will only let you edit one at time so you have to reopen it?)
5) Under CNAME hit Edit and make the settings look like this

  Alias                                 Points To

* replace blogging with your typepad address
6) Now save and update and wait 24 hours or so and you should start to be able to see your Typepad site when you type in your domain name. Once you do go back to your TypePad login and go to Control Panel > Site Access > Domain Mapping and mark your mapped domain as active.

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