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June 11, 2005

Topical Blog Posts

One sure way to generate some extra traffic to your site is to post about things that are hot, new and now. Sure, they should also have something to do with what your blog is about but, it's not really that hard to figure an angle or use a news topic as an example of a point you are trying to make.

Search engines crawl blogs looking for just this sort of changing type of content so why not give them what they want. Two spots you should visit on a regular basis to keep up on what's hot before it gets too hot are Google's Zeitgeist and the Lycos 50. Both sites keep track of search trends on the Internet. Many a sharp blogger has profited by filling the content void for highly sought after keyword searches.

For example, Dean over at the Lycos 50 says that a word to watch is Sudoku - Sudoku is  a puzzle type game that is quite popular in the UK. It appears in many newspapers. Essentially the game is to fill in numbers so that  squares add up to 9. See some Sodoku examples here.

I'll update you when this topical post makes some hay.

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