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March 14, 2005

Bloglines Is An Essential Link In The Blog Chain

Blogrolls are the blogging world's term for a list of other blogs that your blog links to. This is of course a form of recommendation and a great linking strategy to help provide more relevant traffic and content for your blog.

I heartily recommend that you check out a site called Bloglines. Bloglines is many things - blog directory, blog service, clipping service, RSS reader, news aggregator and "blogroll manager."

Bloglines allows you to subscribe to almost any blog on the planet so that you can easily keep up with all of your favorite blogs in one place, but then it also allow you to display and manage any portion of this list as a blogroll on your blog - all with a copy and paste of one line of code.

I've prepared a very simple screencast to show you "How To Create A Blogroll With Bloglines." (A screencast by the way is a video tutorial cast from a blog!)

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