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May 18, 2005

TypePad and TypeLists

One of the easiest ways to upgrade the look and permanent content of your TypePad blog is through the creative use of TypeLists.

TypeLists make up the content that runs down the right and left columns or sidebars of a TypePad blog. You can use a TypeList to display any HTML code in the sidebar. When you realize that fact, you can begin to understand that the possibilities for displaying custom content are pretty significant. Six Apart, the makers of TypePad have a very complete manual on the uses of TypeLists

Okay, back to TypeLists and what they can do. On this blog the sidebar contains custom TypeList content for my photo, subscription links, Google Adsense Ads, my Referral Flood book and a blogroll  that is powered by Bloglines. Creating this type of content is all done with some simple HTML code and TypeLists.

Read the directions on how to use TypeLists from TypePad and start putting more customization into your blog.

Here are a couple of tips:
To get the custom look using HTML in your TypeList, choose a Link Type of List, paste the HTML code into the Notes section of the item and make sure you check the make notes visible selection. Then, after you create your TypeList, be sure to go back to the content section of your design and check the new TypeList for it to show.

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